twitter allows users to express more – testing 280-character limit

The words limit in your twitter post is going to increase. As per the Twitter blog post, it is testing 280 words in tweets, previously it was 140. This decision has been taken to make users more expressive. Now, people do not have to compress their thoughts and write in only 140 characters. As a result, we may see more and more people tweeting their thoughts or the information, which is good. Initially, Twitter has permitted a small group of customers to test the new feature before probable rolling it out further.

Twitter says Users had to edit the thought in mind and then post in only 140 characters. Now, Twitter has made a change by increasing the character limit in what it calls “languages impacted by cramming,” which includes every language except for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

Twitter says that the average length of a tweet in Japanese is 15 characters, and only 0.4 percent of tweets reach the 140-character limit. But for Asian language, the company is open to revisiting this subject of expanding character limit.

Twitter(Source) – Here are 140 (left) and 280 (right) character Tweets in the timeline.

The limit of 140 characters was set looking at the length of SMS before the development of mobile app this is how tweets were distributed. There are 160 characters in SMS and Twitter kept 20 for the username. Constraints spurred creativity, if we may say so because Twitter still reached heights.

There were talks of increasing the word limit on twitter since years. As told by a source, the company was thinking of increasing word limit to 10000 by the end of 2015. This became controversial because the post would look same as the facebook. Ultimately, the company had to compromise and dump this idea.

This step to increase the character limit is going to change the network because more people will start using the medium. Still, there are some questions like ‘Will the number of tweets shrinks? Or people will explode and make use of 280 characters! What new memes and jokes would come in 280 characters that were not possible in 140 characters?. We will soon get to know.

In a blog post, the company said many that many of us have been tweeting for years and there is an emotional connect with 140 characters, we felt it too. We tried this new thing and loved it, and now sharing it with you all. 

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I write about tech and make YouTube Videos. #AppleFan #CricketAddict and a happy husband ☺️

Navaldeep Singh

I write about tech and make YouTube Videos. #AppleFan #CricketAddict and a happy husband ☺️

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