Uber will stop tracking your location after your ride ends

Uber is now pulling out a feature that tracks user location for 5 minutes after the ride was finished. Last year, Uber rolled out an update for its Uber application in which they added a feature to prompt the user to allow Uber to track their location even when they not using the application.

Uber Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan confirmed this to Reuters, they said that the update will initially roll out to the iPhone users later this week and also for Android users after that. In this update, user information will not be saved or tracked by Uber.

Uber has defended this update as rider’s safety purposes and also to improve pick-up and drop-off locations. The company also said that it only collects the location information neither some personal data nor any other things, but their privacy advocates said the company was limited controls over user’s data.

“We’ve been building through the turmoil and challenges because we already had our mandate,” said Sullivan. Sullivan also said to Reuters that the company failed to explain how these location data would benefit to users and this reverse course is one of the several steps that that Uber should take to enhance the security and transparency toward riders.

Sullivan tells Reuters that Uber is one of the world most successful cab service but Uber has suffered from ‘a lack of expertise’ in privacy matters, though he says the decision is not related to the recent shakeup in the company’s executive leadership who was just changed earlier this summer.

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