Redmi Note 4 explode in pocket (Check images)

Last month a video goes viral on internet that shows, Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4 turns into flames However, later that turned out to be a fake video. Similarly, this time again a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 explode in a person’s pocket.

A telegu news website, states that the mobile was exploded when Suryakiran was riding a bike. According to Bhavana Suryakiran, the phone’s owner, the Redmi Note 4 burst into flames in his pocket while he was riding his bicycle. He tried to remove it from his pocket but couldn’t due to the flames and heat, and it wasn’t until onlookers doused him with water that he was finally able to remove it from his pants. According to Suryakiran, the phone was still on fire and smoking even after a bucket of water was poured over it.

Bhavana Suryakiran said that he purchased the Redmi Note 4 smartphone only 20 days back through Flipkart.

According to Techook, Xiaomi has confirmed the incident and said further investigation is on. One of the Xiaomi’s spokesperson said that “we take care for our devices a lot for these type of conditions, and all of our devices at least once go through with the stringent quality tests.”

“Use only Xiaomi’s authorized charger and accessories” The company also requested their customers.

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