Paytm will soon launch its messaging service to compete with whatsapp

Paytm, India’s leading company of digital payment will soon launch its messaging service to compete with Whatsapp. They planned to launch this messaging service by the end of this month in their own paytm app. Users will now make payment, send money or buy movie tickets while chatting to their loved ones. Paytm is not the first to launch this service, whatsapp has already released beta update for WhatsApp UPI payment and may be this is the reason why payment tried to launch this service. After Whatsapp UPI and Paytm with messaging services, this will become one on one challenge for both the company’s. Although here, WhatsApp has an advantage with a huge number of active users and users loved too.

In Paytm messaging service, use can able to send and receive text, audio, videos and pictures. The man behind this leak declined to be revealed their name.

Paytm has more than 225 million users. Paytm got a big hit after high value currency banned in India and this is the major change for this country to move toward digital payment. Digital payment would nearly ten times to $500 billion by 2020, according to a 2016 report by Boston consulting group.

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