Samsung has introduced its global range of portable speakers

Samsung, one of the best-selling smartphones company just introduced its new range of portable speaker with unique style and solid performance. In this range, there are 5 different type of products with some combination of features that users must want to buy.

Let’s take a look on all of these products separately.

Samsung Level Box Slim

            This wireless Bluetooth speaker technology is combined with a power bank, that means you can charge you smartphone while listening to music and it is so compact that it can comfortably fit in one’s palm or back pocket. It is also IPX7 Water Resistance to be safe from water splashes and spills.

There’s also a microphone inbuilt in this speaker with noise-reduction and echo-cancellation to allow crisp and clear conference calls.

Its price is set at Rs. 6,699 for a wireless speaker with a 2,600 mAh battery and a mic built-in for conference calls.

Samsung Wireless Speaker Bottle

This speaker which allows user to change with their moods. This is designed to give 360° surround sound experience.

This bottle has a motion-sensitive user experience, for example, A water-pouring motion adjusts the built-in 16M-color LED lighting unit’s brightness. User can also change its colour by just simple shaking or customizing its design with the accompanying Lux Manager app. This is an amazing technology.

Its pricing is set to Rs. 4,999.

Samsung Wireless Speaker Scoop


This is a compact speaker that comes with a strap. This is also a splash resistant and also has built-in microphone with noise-reduction and echo-reduction technologies.

Its pricing is set to Rs. 2,799.

Samsung Level Active

Samsung also launched this Bluetooth-enabled headset named as “Samsung Level Active”. It is build using soft silicon ear hooks with comfortable wingtips and in-ear earbuds. This Level Active is made for activity and is a great pair for runners and gym enthusiasts.

This is also a splash resistant so user can do exercise or workout or any heavy task without worrying about damaging the earphones with sweat. Samsung also use Active key function to this earphone so that user can control their Level Active earphone to monitor their workout and can connect to S Health using Active key to record workout information.

Its pricing is set to Rs. 4,999.

Samsung In-ear Headphones Rectangle

This is an in-ear headphone made with fabric and metal highlighted by a tangle free flat fabric cable. Samsung uses DLM (Double-Layered Motion) structure speakers for high-quality audio.

Its pricing is set to Rs. 1,899.

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