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If you’re using your social media accounts like Facebook, twitter, or Instagram, you must have definitely heard about “Sarahah” App. This is the new viral app with a whole new concept. This app is already growing in regions like Egypt and Saudi Arabia and suddenly it’s becoming big hit in India. But still there are so many people who haven’t heard about this app or don’t know how to use it. Today we will explain everything about this app.

The developer of this app ‘ZainAlabdin Tawfiq’ explained that  “This app helps a person to self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback”.

This app allows you to send anonymously feedback to anyone on “Sarahah” app even without logging in. If you’re logged in to this app then you will also able to choose your visibility to the person whom you messaged. All the messages will be displayed on the inbox made on home screen.

Although, similar to this app a website already launched a app called “sayat.me” this app also allow you to send anonymously feedback to your friends and family members and your identity will be hidden. At the beginning “sayat.me” was also a big a hit.

But this is the time of  “Sarahah” app, go and use it and give your reviews in comments below.

You can download “Sarahah” app by below

I Tunes Store – Click here

Google Play Store – Click Here

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