After getting the option “Post a Story”, this is what WhatsApp is testing now.

WhatsApp, the famous instant messaging app is all set to experiment a new feature and make the experience of its users better than before. It is the same feature that the famous social networking site Facebook got onboard last year which allowed its users to write their status update with a colourful background, font, and emoji combination. Now, this feature might make it to WhatsApp as well but it is being said that it’s in beta and will be available for all the users anytime soon.

It was the Android Police who first cracked the news about this upcoming feature of Whatsapp and it is being shown up in Android beta version 2.17.291. The report suggests that even though one might be on the latest version on the WhatsApp Android beta app, it is possible that s/he may not get to  see this feature. It is actually a server side switch from WhatsApp’s end, so only select users are able to see it even in beta. In many cases, the users are seeing a floating pen icon in the Status tab at the bottom of the screen, right above the camera icon. Clicking on the pen icon brings up options to type a status, choose a font, emoji, and the background colour as well.

Once you’re done with writing the status and making all the necessary changes, one can hit the green arrow key to send the text status, the same way like it is sent now. The status will then be published on one’s WhatsApp for all his contacts to see.

The revamped Whats App Status feature was launched in February, and managed to achieve more than 250 million daily active users in such a short span. The regular experiments on the features of the app are proving to be beneficial and making it more and more popular than before. In the presently competitive market, every app needs to keep coming with something new to sustain, especially the hopes are generally higher from the products which already bag the top slot one or the  other day.

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