Here is something that Apple is planning for its next gadget for you

The hub of innovative technology – Apple is all set to introduce some major changes in its latest innovation. Reportedly, Apple will make LTE capabilities possible in the Apple watch which might hit the stores during the fall this year.

Sending messages, downloading apps and stream music that too without an iPhone nearby is something that this cellular-enabled smartwatch would provide its users with. Apple Watch currently needs to be tethered to an iPhone’s LTE network to access Internet. This step has been especially taken, keeping the reliance of the smartwatch on iPhone in mind.

This step will get the smartwatch rid off its major drawback of sticking to an iPhone for Internet connectivity. The step will surely increase the competition in the gadget market for the other manufacturers of smartwatches. It is a well planned move to encounter the cut throat competition as well as to increase the income of the company. This smartwatch can also be grabbed by the people who don’t use an iPhone and this is definitely a plus point.
The people are already talking about the device and way too excited for it. After all, it is “The Apple” and doesn’t need any introduction in terms of quality and features.

There are many specifications which are yet to be revealed but will play a major role in deciding the fate of this smartwatch in the market. However, we would like to wish Apple all the luck and the people who don’t believe in using an iPhone are all the way thankful for making it possible to get an Apple smartwatch if they need.

Mujtaba Khan

Gadget Freak

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