Android mobile phone users alert : Nokia is here to get all android phones this feature

It looks like the android users are very much keen to get the camera user interface that the latest Nokia handsets use and this might be the reason behind the latest app that the company is getting on the floors for all the android based technology. HMD Global, the company which is licensed to manufacture and sell Nokia-branded smartphones, have come up with the the Nokia handsets’ ‘Camera’ app which is available on the Google Play Store. Click here to download the app.

Although the new Camera app has been listed on the Google Play Store, not all the users are equally lucky to download the app on their gadgets. The listing is old as the last update is dated July 20. Nothing has been mentioned in the app description as well. New Nokia smartphones boast of a camera app which is clutter free and makes it easy to access features such as the gallery, camera settings and filters.

Nokia is gearing up for their latest gadget Nokia 8’s debut in the technology market. The smart cellphone is being kept under tight wraps. However, there are many images and news regarding the phone which make their way to Internet every other day. The phone is one of the most awaited technology this year. Nokia is striving hard to make a strong come back in the technology market and make it big again so, this app can be a very good move to stay on people’s mind and familiarize them with the Nokia UI which might compel them to buy a Nokia phone.

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