Linkedin Lite, now an android app to be made available in 60+ countries

Linkedin, owned by Microsoft is a social network for the working class people with more than 500 million users across the globe. The company is all ready to increase the engagement of it Linkedin’s users by laying down the android app Linkedin Lite which is made in India.

Linkedin Lite will be occupying a space of 1MB on the devices and will be more useful in the markets where the data network is slower and expensive. It will be also providing a better experience of the social networking website to its users even in the slow phones.

The app is now live in India and the company is all set to create markets for this “Made in India” app in 60 nations across the globe in the coming weeks and months. The app will be reducing the data usage required to run LinkedIn by 80 percent; and it loads a page in under five seconds, “even on a 2G network.”  The app will feature the LinkedIn basics like its news feed, jobs, profile, access to one’s LinkedIn network, messaging, notifications, and search — but without heavy graphics and other features that might slow down page loads and eat up more of a user’s data allowance.

The move is definitely a good one due to the large number of android users in India than iOS. However, the development team is also ready to get an iOS version of the same app on the floors very soon. The app might take its time to flourish in the markets but the features that its providing will definitely help this app to climb the ladder of success very soon.

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